Take the Time to Make Your Soul Happy.

Selig Therapeutic Massage provides massage therapy services to the surrounding communities of Lexington and Maynard.

Personalized  treatment to relieve and prevent pain

“Suzanne Selig at Selig Therapeutic Massage offers both a relaxing massage and a targeted approach. Suzanne balances effleurage flow with deep tissue trigger point therapy. She has the capacity to track connections and locate pain points and support the release of long-held tension.” — Julie D.

Massage Therapy Services

Therapeutic Massage

Prenatal Massage

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Revitalizing Your Body and Soul

“Suzanne carries the professional experience to address concerns I may have on certain muscle strains, but she also brings a gentle warmth where I feel welcomed in each and every visit. She will work with you in revitalizing your body and soul, and help you feel great!”

A skilled and sensitive massage therapist

“Suzanne Selig is a wonderful massage therapist. She is skilled, sensitive to her clients’ needs, and always seeks feedback to understand what type of body work will best serve your needs. I’m so happy I found her and feel immensely better since I started seeing her. Regular massage has improved my tension and significantly reduced my stress. I wholeheartedly recommend Suzanne for your massage needs.”

— Kelly

Kind, caring, and compassionate

“Suzanne possesses the kind, caring, and compassionate attitude as a great massage therapist. She has a knowledgeable answer to questions and is very personable when providing advice. I always leave a massage session feeling better than when I came in, and would assuredly recommend Suzanne to others who are looking for a welcoming and wonderful massage therapist. Having known Suzanne for over 3 years, I can attest that she exudes these qualities and much more and clients will be satisfied to have her as their massage therapist.”

— Ashley

Suzanne is very warm, kind, and intuitive

“Suzanne has been so helpful to me in my healing journey. I came to her needing massage therapy for my left shoulder and neck that was acutely painful a year ago. Suzanne was very detailed and professional in her approaches and methods. I saw a lot of improvement in my pain through weekly sessions and also found out I was pregnant along the way! The massages really helped me relax and destress, and I think was so valuable to where I am today. Suzanne is a very warm, kind, and intuitive professional. I fully recommend Suzanne without any reservations.”

— Emily K